Summer Skin Tips

May 31, 2013 by Molly Huff
We all know that the sun is not good for our skin, but during summertime it's almost inevitable that we are all exposed to at least some sunlight.  And with many fun seasonal activities taking place outside, we want to enjoy ourselves while protecting our skin.  
The Aesthetic & Weight Loss Center at Affinity offers an array of skin care products and procedures that can help you protect your skin as well as turn back the time.  One line of products we are really proud to carry is the Obagi Medical skin care system.  Obagi is the #1 prescription-strength, physician dispensed skin care system on the market.  Call us today to make an appointment and see which products suit you best.  Obagi products range from treatments for wrinkled and aged skin to products helping acne, rosacea and even include elastiderm eye products.
Here are some summer skin tips to help you protect yourself during the heat of the season:
  • Preload sunscreen
  • Prevent breakouts with oil-free sunscreens and lotions
  • Wear large-brimmed hats when possible to help block out the harmful UVA/UVB rays
  • Spritz spring water on your face when you're sweating to help replace minerals you're losing (reapply sunscreen or wear waterproof sunscreen when following this tip)
  • Drink lots of water - this helps hydrate you AND your skin!

Take care of your skin this summer, and come see us at The Aesthetic & Weight Loss Center to find out more about our skin care products including the proven Obagi skin care system.